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For a business to be successful, one of the first steps that need to be taken is to have a clear strategy that defines what the business is about, what are its objectives, what are the drivers of the business, what is its value proposition, what are its strengths and weaknesses, and how will it compete in the market place. We offer Strategic Management Consulting to articulate the answers to all the above questions with our clients.

Once that is defined, initiatives or projects that will convert the conceptual approach into action start to shape. Having guided our clients through the conceptual process, we then utilize Project Management best practices to manage the implementation process with clear objectives, budgets, milestones, issues and risks management, and progress tracking. We not only employ the documented best practices, but also develop new client-specific and project-specific solutions.

Through our Operations Management, we address some of the critical business needs in Information Technology and Financial Management. Since time immemorial, the language of business has been finance. We take special interest in helping our clients identify, and manage their strengths and weaknesses, their exposure to financial risks, and the all-important credit management. Information Technology has become an integral part of the operation of any business. We work with our clients to identify the IT platforms and environments most appropriate to their needs. We also provide them with IT support and could run some of their back office operations thus freeing them to focus on their core operations.

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Management Consulting Services

We are a source of information for many others in the field of financial and management consulting because we are the most honourable provider of Management Consultancy Services based in India. Corporate management consultants services in India was never the same as it is today, it has developed in the last few years and with it we too have developed. We have helped our client for years with their problems regarding Finance and management and have helped them grow. Today, we are also proud to be one of the leading management consulting services providers in India. We provide the following Professional Services to our clients.

Financial Consulting Services are fast growing in this globalizing world. For companies to grow in this fast developing corporate world they require accurate and well planned financial consultancy services like the one we provide. Our services help you to plan your finances according to the growing pattern of the industry. We provide the best professional financial consulting services in India that are highly admired by our clients.

Preparation of Manuals - Audit/ Operation/ Tax/ Accounting and Statutory Compliance.
Implementation of Cost Centre, Profit Centre & Budgetary Control system, Business plan, Financial planning,
Business process modules thru IT and Financial accounting matters.
Analysis, Development & Evaluation of Financial Accounting, Costing System and Management Information System.

Provides service on accounting matters on outsourcing basis.

We offer you with Corporate Restructuring Consultancy Services and we are the best in business. With our world class corporate financial restructuring services we help your business become more organized and profitable. Our people work on every minute detail to provide you with most beneficial several risk managing and profit multiplying advices.

Restructuring activities including mergers, acquisition, financial restructuring, takeover etc of the Corporate and
Non-Corporate clients.
File petition and other matters relating to the Sick Industrial Company.
Financial re-engineering and corporate planning for business development.

We provide our customers with different Core Financial Services basically dealing with problems related to retail banking, credit unions, etc. With us your information remains safe and secure. Our dedication towards our work helps us to deliver timely core financial consulting services. We are also acknowledged as one of the trusted service providers of core financial consultants in India.

We provide consultancy services to raise funds for project financing as well working capital requirements.

Preparation of project report.
Representation before the various financial institutions for raising venture funds, structuring, negotiating and documenting such financing.

We are poised to provide timely and high standard Business Valuation Services to our clients. We have a perfect management set up that stand and deliver every time. We ultimately aim that with our sound efforts you gain in your business and so we have grown into one of the leading service providers of corporate business valuation.

We provide effective business valuation services in India.

To provide services in connection with the valuation of business for merger, amalgamation, de-merger or takeover. For other matters relating to the raising of funds from outside sources through public issue or private placement etc.

In addition we offers:-
  • Systems and Internal Control Review: A thorough review of prevailing systems, procedures and internal controls with the objective of ensuring and enhancing their operating effectiveness.
  • Accounting Manual: to act as a guideline on Accounting Policies, Procedures and Systems adopted by a
  • Company, Designing Chart of Accounts etc
  • Systems Manual: Drafting of systems design specifying procedures to be followed in the day to day activities in various functional areas such as Sales, Purchase etc. including stage wise documentation to be prepared.
  • Operational Audit: An in-depth audit of transactions with the purpose of improving business operations, performance and profitability
  • Management Audit: Appraisal of key Management functions like objectives, planning, organizing and control.
  • Organisational Structure: Review of structure, design, job profile and recruitment.
  • Management Information System: Development and design
  • Budgeting and Costing System
  • Pre-feasibility studies
  • Financial Analysis, Project Appraisal and Feasibility Studies.

Mgt Assurance
Intl Tax
Project Fin.,