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By: Nandhakumar & Sundaran | December 05, 2018

As per News Reports, the GST Council may consider ‘one time amnesty scheme’ for exit of non-filers/ nil-filers of GST Returns to facilitate about 25 lac registered/ migrated taxpayers who file their returns with ‘nil’ GST liability and about 10% of the taxpayers who have never filed their returns post registration/ migration.

In view of the fact that these taxpayers have no contribution to the GST collection and they are adding unnecessary workload on the GSTN Systems, an amnesty scheme for exit of such taxpayers may be considered by the GST Council to bring relief to the tax payers through reduced compliance cost for them and reduced burden for GSTN Systems.

Amnesty scheme will ensure completion of pending compliance on the part of such taxpayers since such schemes have generally resulted in increased tax revenues and compliance. However, it is yet to be seen whether the proposal gets approval of GST Council or not? If yes, then again the matter is subject to the terms and conditions of the scheme, like immunity from penalties, investigations of participants, etc.

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