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Businesses constantly encounter forces driving them to change. Since change means doing something new and unknown, the natural reaction is to resist it. Managers must overcome this resistance and adopt innovative and efficient management techniques to remain high performers. They must improve their personal, team, and cultural management skills if they hope to adapt themselves to a changing world.

The current business environment presents a constant stream of both challenges and opportunities, against this background of change; the market expectation is for sustained growth. To reach their potential, organizations must continuously improve their performance and sustain that improvement.

With the world constantly and rapidly changing, the future is full of realigned priorities. We press on looking for sustainable growth, staying in shape and preparing for a new landscape. Partnering with our clients, we develop tailored and thorough recommendations in collaboration with sector and technical experts, bringing among the best minds from across the vast network.

Experienced business consultants have an eye for what's not working, or for what could be improved. Part of this is because, unlike the business owner or managers, the consultant has no emotional attachment to the business processes.

By working in multi-disciplinary teams, we deliver holistic thinking and insights helping clients in transforming their organization, no matter what their primary challenges are - from improving performance, to optimizing risk, to restructuring their operations or seizing new opportunities.

We the N & S Team help you meet challenges; we have assembled a growing number of highly skilled business advisory professionals to work with clients in a proactive, open and objective way.

As the today's organizations need a comprehensive approach to risk management and controls that identifies, mitigates risk and improves overall business performance. At its most effective, risk management and internal control are embedded within existing systems, processes and aligned across the organization. In this scenario strategic planning is a critical element of success in any industry, developing results-oriented strategies, selecting the methods to execute, and timely implementation are paramount. Our areas of focus include;

- Enterprise Risk Assessment
- Risk and Control Framework Assessment
- Appraisal of Internal Control Systems
- Review of adequacy of MIS Reports, Critical Success Factors & Key performance Indicators to ensure that it meets organisational objectives.
- Review of Human Resource Management and Policy to ensure its adequacy, effectiveness and efficient working.

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Business Start-Up Advisory Services

Setting up business in India and anywhere in the world, significantly depends on the rules & regulations, the business environment and the culture prevailing in the respective region. It is important that all related issues are identified, understood and dealt with effectively during the course of setting up the business.

The key steps involved in setting up a business in a new location may be summarized as follows;

A Pre Feasibility Study to evaluating the business idea / concept within a set of specified constraints and providing a clear path for converting it into a business proposition. Preparing for the Incorporation requires following steps, Choosing appropriate legal structure of the business, Choosing location of the proposed venture, Preparing the required documentation for registration of the entity, Co-ordination with the relevant regulatory authorities for approvals and obtaining incorporation documents.

The choice of structure or entity will be determined by the individual requirements those setting up the business.

The types which are commonly used are: Company, Limited Liability Partnership, Partnership, and a Sole Proprietorship. Some of those above (for example, sole traders and partnerships) have some similarities, whist others such as limited companies have some very distinct features.

Strong consideration should be given to the choice of business structure or entity. Although it can be changed at a later date, selecting the right one from the outset can result in less disruption once business has started. Using the services and advice of an accountant might be advisable at this stage.

We help clients to form;

- Sole trading / Propreitorship firm,

- Partnerships,

- Form Limited Liability Partnerships and

- Limited Liability Companies

Inter-alia, we assists our clients

- in procuring the approvals /licences , if any required to start up the business

- in getting the preliminary tax and commercial registrations

- in drafting necessary JV, Legal agreement, organizational policies etc

- in Managing your accounting and pay roll requirement

- in Legal Compliance Management

- in Maintenance of corporate secretarial records (periodic statutory filings, Board papers, maintenance of statutory registers)

- in preparing organization for due-diligence by venture capitalist and other investors

- in drafting shareholders Agreement with venture capitalist and other investors

- in preparing the Project Report /Information Memorandum about the business

- in preparing organization for due-diligence by financial institutions ,venture capitalist and other investors

- in pitching the business plan before the financial institutions, venture capitalist and other investors.

- in entering into negotiations with financial institutions, venture capitalist and other investors.

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